Web Applications

To make a successful business idea alone will not be sufficient that too in this modern world you should elegantly be in trending and marketing. In today’s world, all businesses run over websites and try to be unique from other sites and want to be the best site over the internet world.

Why Web Applications?

The wait for such a dream for your business has come to an end. Yes, we, the digitally brilliant team of Digibees, are focused on providing the customers with the unique solution for their desired websites and uniqueness what we provide as assurance. The web application development holds with different types, and we help you in choosing the best type for your resources.

Static Web Application

The static web application is used for a simple web app with less content and without flexibility. The static web can be used where the content is not needed to be updated frequently. The static web app is mostly written using HTML codes, which show the static content to all users.

Dynamic Web Application

The dynamic web application is a little tactical development. The dynamic web application is where the contents can be changed regularly, and the dynamic classifies into two according to the behavior of the app. that is, client-side scripting which is done when the client moves the cursor to the destined area it changes and server-side scripting which is done when the site is visited.

Animated Web Application

People do love having animation on the website, which has become in trend to add more animation to the webpage. Most of the people like gaming nowadays with eye-catchy characters to make a successful gaming site the animation level has to be high on their platform to gather some audience.


Content Management System in which the user can add or modify digital content with ease. CMS is commonly used for enterprise content management and web content management. CMS is much easier than a person with limited knowledge will be able to modify, add and delete contents

Technologies We Use

Programming languages – Php, html, CSS, c#, .net, react, angular, JavaScript, jQuery, node js, python,
CMS – WordPress, Drupal, SharePoint,Framework- Laravel,
CodeIgniter, Sitecore and Mean Stack